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South African born and now based in Singapore. I love photography and I love meeting new people. I love to travel, see the world and I'm always game to explore new places. My favourite times to shoot outdoors are sunrise (or as close to sunrise as possible), and sunset. My favourite places to shoot are in the comfort of your home, and of course outdoors (or a combination of both) - but due to the high concentration of people in public spaces there are some locations I won't shoot at. If you are undecided I will happily supply you with some outdoor location options. There are so many wonderful places to shoot in Singapore, I love off the beaten track, so if you're up for an adventure I'll happily join you wherever your heart leads. If you are looking for someone to take overly posed, stiff photographs then I am not your girl. But if you're looking for a relaxed, candid, happy, documentary style story of your love then look no further.

Family photographs are a beautiful, treasured memory, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to capture those milestones. I'd love to help memorialize your story.

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